About us...

CAN-AM Consultants is a full-service professional staffing firm committed to helping commercial businesses and government agencies by efficiently delivering project management solutions, staffing support and consulting services. Our company has recruitment professionals who locate, select, screen and mobilize the talent you need – wherever and whenever you need it. We also add value by leveraging our unique professional experience along with our business and technical background. Can-Am Consultants uses the latest tools, techniques and methodologies to deliver successful products and services, and provide leadership when your business needs it most.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with superior talent ensuring professional needs are met, expectations exceeded and market growth secured.

Our Values

At Can-Am Consultants, our values are Growth, Relationships, Integrity, Passion and Results. See the sidebar for more details.

Our Promise

To complete your projects with accuracy, integrity and passion.

Insurance Benefits

Can Am Consultants, Inc. offers multiple health insurance options. Please see our Benefits heading for more information.

Our Values

We believe in personal and professional growth for our associates, our clients and our community.

We believe in building a solid foundation inside and outside our organization.

Truth, honor, reliability are not just words, they are the pillars of our business and our commitment to clients.

At Can-Am we love what we're doing, and that is managing unique endeavors with a beginning and an end, but our passion does not stop there. Whatever our professional or personal objectives are, we believe in applying a burning desire to complete them. If we cannot do that, then it is not worth doing.

We focus on identifying what success means to our client with each project, and then deliver based on that criteria.