Hiring options for Employers

Can-Am Offers its Clients the following hiring options

  • TCS – "Total Contract Staffing"
    Excellent strategy for a "just-in-time" staffing approach. During the temporary term of employment, your company can utilize a technical contract individual while the person remains a Can-Am Consultants, Inc. employee. Can-Am is responsible for all employer related expenses associated with employment. You pay us only for the hours worked by the employee. At any time, you can release a contract worker back to Can-Am Consultants with no further obligation.
  • Contract-To-Hire
    This option allows your company to "try before you buy." Your company will have the opportunity to gauge a candidate in your working environment before a direct offer is made. This allows you to evaluate the candidate’s skills and work habits. After you keep a Can-Am Consultants, Inc. employee on contract and feel that they are a fit you are then able to bring them onto your payroll. With this option you pay a fee incrementally and not as a lump sum. At the date of hire you would pay the remaining fee as it applies.
  • Direct Hire
    The candidate is hired directly by your company. Can-Am Consultants is compensated for sourcing and screening the candidate by a fee which is based on a percentage of the candidate's first year annual salary at the time of the employment offer. All direct hire placements have a 90-day Guarantee.