Payrolling Services

Often our clients identify resources that they would like to engage to perform work but cannot for various reasons hire them directly. An option that Can-Am Consultants offers is Payroll Service. Our Clients refer the resource's to us, for us, to employ on our payroll.

This process is quicker than most hiring processes. It also eliminates paperwork, risk, liabilities, employment issues, workers compensation liabilities, and the requirements of our clients to provide and administrate employee benefits.

Here are examples of when this service works for our Clients:

  • Client sourced resource (You found employee)
  • Bringing back a previous employee
  • Bringing back a retiree
  • Transition a 1099 or independent contractor to a W2 employee
  • Interns
  • Summer employment
  • Headcount Restrictions or Budgets prevent hiring permanent employees
  • Engaging an Subject Matter Expert (SME) for a specific project